The many uses of drones

When I attended the CSI conference last week in Vegas, I was not that surprised (but a little tickled) to see a vendor booth dedicated to drones. While there, I got the attached article from a friend of mine. It got me thinking.... Drones will be used for many purposes, good and bad, for the foreseeable future. What else could I do with them??

Senator Corelli hang up the phone and looked out into the San Francisco Bay. “Hummmm,” he thought, “there could be something there.” He took a long sip of his flavored water and mused over the news from the prosecutor. If they were cutting a deal with the drone kid already, maybe there was some maneuvering he could do to make better use of the birds.

Corelli didn’t need the drones for protection; he already had the best security team. But… There was something there, much more valuable. What if the drones could gather information (he hated the word spying) on political opponents, Senate leaders, judges...? The possibilities would be endless.

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